Our work centers offer comprehensive services—from parts production and inspection to welding, painting and reconditioning. These specialized work centers feature advanced technologies, run by our highly-trained associates.

  • Milling and Turning

    At Kosmo Machine, our milling centers have Computer Numerically Controlled 3-, 4-, and 5-axis capability that use pre-programmed software to create parts to our customer’s exact specifications.

    With milling capabilities of up to 20′ travel or 48” cube, with a turning capability of 0-28″ in diameter and 80″ long, our multi-axis machines can meet the most challenging designs of our clients.

    CNC Turning (from 0 to 28″ diameter x up to 80″ long):

    • Mazak Quick Turn 6T
    • Mazak Super Quick Turn 10
    • Mazak Quick Turn Smart 200
    • Mazak Super Quick Turn 15MS
    • Mazak Super Quick Turn 28M
    • Mazak Nexus 200MY
    • Mazak Nexus 250MY (milling and Y axis)
    • Mazak Nexus 450MY (milling and Y axis)


    CNC Milling (3, 4, & 5 axis milling up to 4ft. cubed or 20ft.):

    • Proto Trak DPM
    • Clausing Kondia FV-1
    • Haas Mini Mill
    • Mazak VQC 15/40
    • Mazak AJV-25/404 (4-axis)
    • Mazak Nexus VCN410B
    • Mazak Nexus VCN530C (4-axis)
    • Mazak Nexus HCN6000 (36″ cube)
    • Mazak Nexus 700D/40 (30″ x 60″ travel, 4 axis, 12k RPM, 1k coolant pressure)
    • Mazak Variaxis 630T Mill/Turn Center (see video on right side of page)
    • Mazak VCU500A-5X (5-axis)
    • (2) Mazak VCN530 with Mazatrol Smoothing Controls
    • Mazak HCN8800 (48″ cube)

  • EDM Equipment

    Investments in state-of-the-art technologies and experienced, highly trained personnel have kept Kosmo Machine at the forefront of Electrical Discharge Machining. Our EDM work stations offer four axis EDMs, including a 6-axis machine; 3- and 4-axis die sinker machines; and a small hole popper. The machines can be used to cut conductive materials and are popular in the tool and die industry.

    Using electric spark erosion, our EDM technologies create long-lasting carbide wear parts as well as those made of titanium, tool steel, nickel alloys, and tungsten—anything that’s electrically conductive. These durable parts are produced to keep your machines running.

    6-Axis Wire EDM
    Our Fanuc Robocut x-C600iB 6-axis wire EDM can create complex workpieces, including holes that can expand or even change shape from front to back, as well as tapering. The machine offers positional accuracy of about 1/10,000 of an inch—about 1/30 the thickness of a single piece of hair.

    Cutting conditions are constantly monitored and cutting speeds are automatically increased using Flexible Discharge Pulse Control. Small-feature accuracy is improved as a result, leading to more accurate geometry and straighter walls.

    This wire EDM also creates workpieces with improved corner accuracy and smoother transitions. Entrance and exit witness marks are dramatically reduced.

    4-Axis Sinker EDM
    The 4-axis Mitsubishi Electric EA12S Advance sinker EDM uses graphite or tungsten-copper alloy electrodes—custom made in-house—which are introduced to a positive electrical current. The moving column sinker design provides standard X, Y, and Z-axes to 5-micron accuracy. An additional C-axis rotation allows for the creation of curved holes—a process known as port hole machining.

    Power settings are managed utilizing the patented Fuzzy-Logic System, which allows for automatic monitoring of conductivity and electrode gap distance—creating the ultimate control in dimensional stability—while the machine’s Orbit-Pro System assures more consistent side wall and bottom finishes. Both of these features minimize electrode usage, which translates to lower costs for the customer.

    These premium wire and sinker EDM machines can achieve superior tolerance. Guided by Computer Aided Engineering—which uses nano interpolation to compute position commands in microns—these machines can duplicate parts within a slim margin of error.


    Our EDM work center includes:

    • Four Multi-Axis Wire EDMs
    • Three Sinker EDMs
    • Current EDM Drill Small Hole Popper

  • Inspection Equipment

    Inspections are a key part of the manufacturing process, ensuring that parts meet customers’ specifications, requirements, and tolerances. For many of our customers, particularly those in the aerospace and other transportation industries, careful review is critical to product conformity.

    Our full-service machine shop inspects all the parts manufactured in our plant. We can also provide outside inspections for our customers. Our Quality Management System is certified for ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 REV-D (Aviation, Space, and Defense), and Naval Level-1 SUBSAFE inspections. Our metrological equipment and services include:

    Video and Scanning CMMs
    Our FaroArm and other coordinate measuring machines use laser or video to collect precise data about a part, which is then measured using the latest software.

    Spectral Analysis and Material Verification
    Using handheld fluorescent x-ray technology, we can verify that each part is of the proper alloy before it is produced.

    Optical Comparator
    Parts are magnified and projected upon a screen, where they are measured with up to 50x magnification.

    Model Inspection
    We can create a part based on a customer’s 3D and other renderings, inspect the model, then laser scan the part to confirm it matches the customer’s specifications.

    Gaging and Pins with NIST Standards
    As a critical part of ISO certification, all our pins, thread gages, and other gaging undergo regular inspections to ensure they meet NIST standards.

    1st Piece and In-Process Inspections
    Our inspectors review each stage of a component manufactured on the production floor using various means. The result is more conforming products.

    Hardness Checking
    By applying pressure to a diamond point, we can test the material’s hardness—the result is confirmation of the required hardness specification.

    Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
    Cylinders and other pressure vessels can be tested up to 10,000 PSI.

    Laser Engraving/Serialization
    Using laser engraving, we can apply barcodes, batch identification, and artwork or logos to our finished parts.

    Our Inspection work center includes:

    • Wenzel/LK Evolution Scanning CNC CMMs
    • Keyence and Smartscope FOV/CNC Video Inspection Systems
    • Certified Comparator Products CC-14 Optical Comparator
    • Faro Arm with Laser Scanning

  • Modeling

    We are able to meet our customers’ needs by utilizing the following means:

    • SolidWorks© 3D Solid Modeling Software
    • ANSI Y14.5 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
    • Secure electronic file transfer
    • Prototypes

  • Welding

    At Kosmo Machine, our internationally accredited program offers conventional as well as 6-axis robotic welding. Our welders excel in ASME/AWS Certified Steam Jacketed Assemblies and precision weldments, including projects such as jacketed piping and other pressure vessels, structural weldments, and custom tables.

    Engineered controls aid our welders in creating consistent and uniform weld joints. As a finishing touch, paint is smoothly and evenly applied in our new 12’x20′ booth.

    Our welding program is in accordance with ASME and PED CE Category II Certified, allowing for the exportation of pressure vessels to Europe.
    All welding procedures are qualified and our highly skilled welders are certified to perform the following welding methods and processes:
    • GTAW
    • SMAW
    • FCAW
    • GMAW
    • AWS D1.1 (steel)
    • AWS D1.2 (aluminum)
    • AWS D1.6 (stainless steel)
    • Robotic Welder
    • Pressure vessel requirements to ASME VIII

    All our welding equipment is calibrated on a regular basis, independently certified, and traceable to national standards.

    At Kosmo, we can weld carbon steels, stainless steels including Duplex 2205, aluminum, high temperature nickel, Stellite overlay, and dissimilar materials.

    In house, we offer hydrostatic testing up to 10,000 PSI. Cylinders and other pressure vessels can be tested up to 10,000 PSI.

    We also work closely with laboratories to provide the following destructive and non-destructive testing:
    • Leak Test
    • Dye Penetrant
    • Radiographic Inspection
    • Ultrasonic Testing
    • Vickers Hardness Testing
    • Visual Testing
    • Magnetic Particle

  • Reconditioning

    Dry Ice Blasting
    Precision cleaning with no abrasives is one of the benefits of dry ice blasting. This method uses pressurized dry ice—the solid form of carbon dioxide—to remove dirt, contaminants, and other foreign object debris from industrial parts and equipment.

    Dry ice blasting offers one of the most eco-friendly choices on the market, as it uses no water or solvents and produces no hazardous wastes. A dry process, it is safe to use on electrical and mechanical equipment. Dry ice blasting, which completely removes all residue from an item, holds special appeal for those in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

    Wet Blasting
    Also known as slurry blasting, wet blasting provides a softer but still thorough cleaning. The dust-free process combines water with a very fine abrasive to create a slurry, which is applied onto a surface using compressed air. The water provides lubrication and cushioning and, as a result, wet blasting is considered non-abrasive and perfect to use on delicate surfaces. However, it is not appropriate for use on electrical equipment.

    Soda Blasting
    A highly effective and cost-effective cleaning option is soda blasting. This very mild form of abrasive cleaning uses compressed air to apply soda bicarbonate—also known as baking soda—to an object. Soda blasting is well known for its ability to clean and deodorize items with mold, fire, or smoke damage. The process may require a final ultrasonic cleaning to ensure the removal of any remaining grit; in those instances, in cannot be used on electrical equipment.

  • Miscellaneous

    • MasterCam Software Suite, Solid Works Design Software
    • Keyence Laser Engraver
    • Techno Mark Dot Matrix Engraver
    • Hyd-Mech Automatic Horizontal Band Saw
    • Reis Robotics Compact Welding Cell
    • Global Shop ERP Software
    • Critical Component Reconditioning Service (dry ice blasting + soda blasting) weld overlay and remachining to original specifications.

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