Kosmo is committed to your project every step of the way–from the time we first sit down with you to talk about your project to seeing it perfectly realized on a production run.

  • Process Management

    Kosmo puts customers and their needs first. We help clients select an appropriate process, whether its reconditioning an existing part or developing a new piece of equipment. For parts, our team works closely with the customer on considerations as design, functionality, and budget, and then helps them envision the product with the assistance of SolidWorks© 3D Solid Modeling Software.

  • Project Management

    Year after year, Kosmo has consistently met or exceeded our goal of 95% on-time delivery to our customers—something that comes with great commitment on the part of our entire staff. From the very beginning of an order, our project managers work with our salesmen and manufacturing managers to create a project timeline using Global Shop ERP software. The team plans the steps leading from design to manufacturing, including material requisitions and certifications, inspections, and certificates of compliance.

    Once production begins, there are checkpoints along the way. Many of our projects involve complicated parts—some with 50-60 components—that require industrial x-rays, hydrostatic pressure checks and other testing at different phases of production. Our carefully controlled process ensures traceability of materials and parts at every stage.

    Keeping everyone focused on the timeline is critical. For instance, monitors throughout the shop display the shipping schedules. The information is updated every five or ten minutes, similar to the displays that show arriving and departing flights at the airport.

  • Procurement

    Kosmo evaluates all outside vendors to ensure they meet the high standards of ISO certification. Many of our vendors already hold NADCAP or other international certification; for those that don’t, our quality department visits them on-site to ensure their processes meet our stringent standards. The inspector reviews the acquisition of materials, then, once they arrive, verify they meet the customer’s requirements.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Kosmo can create prototypes for our customers based upon their drawings, which can be imported or created into 3D models using our CAD/CAM software. We then machine the parts, utilizing a variety of materials—from plastics to nickel alloys and ceramics. The process allows customers to envision and check a complicated part before moving forward with a large production run.

  • Assembly

    Our facilities include a dedicated assembly area where parts are put together once they are produced. We employ full-time assembly and detailing crews to build the projects, which are often complex, with many components. At our on-site 14’x30’ paint shop, projects can be finished and certified to MIL specifications.

  • Types of Materials 

    We can manufacture parts from most alloys including steel, aluminum, copper, nickel alloys, carbide, composites, plastics, ceramics and titanium. For custom welding, we can work with carbon steels, stainless steels including Duplex 2205, aluminum, high temperature nickel, Stellite overlay and dissimilar materials.

    Many of our customers require material traceability all the way back to origin. Kosmo can provide full documentation beginning with the foundry or a mill that casts or extrudes the material. We recognize that quality materials are essential to creating quality parts.

  • Certifications

    Our quality certifications include ISO 9001: 2015, AS9100D Rev-D and Naval Level-1 SUBSAFE. Registration is in respect to Manufacture of Precision Machined Parts, Certified Welding ASME/AWS and Part Reconditioning, European PED Classification CE Category II.

  • Custom Welding

    At Kosmo, we offer 6-axis robotic as well as conventional welding. Our welding program is in accordance with ASME Section IX and has PED CE Category II certification. All welding certified stamp iconprocedures are qualified, and our welders are certified to perform each welding method: GTAW, SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2, AWS D1.6, robotic welder, and pressure vessel requirements to ASME VIII.

    We can weld carbon steels, stainless steels including Duplex 2205, aluminum, high-temperature nickel, Stellite overlay, and dissimilar materials. We work closely with laboratories to provide a variety of destructive and non-destructive testing and can conduct hydrostatic testing up to 10,000 PSI in-house. All our welding equipment is calibrated on regular intervals, independently certified, and traceable to national standards.

  • Parts Reconditioning Program

    At Kosmo Machine, our job doesn’t end with manufacturing. We also offer a range of reconditioning services for worn, greasy, or damaged parts, with fast turnaround. Our process offers several cleaning options, including some of the latest in green technologies. Once our work is completed, we inspect critical dimensions and features to ensure that the parts continually meet your specifications.

    Dry ice blasting uses pressurized dry ice (the solid form of carbon dioxide) to remove dirt, contaminants, and other foreign object debris from industrial parts and equipment. It’s safe to use on electrical components and faster than conventional cleaning methods. Dry ice blasting is eco-friendly—it uses no water or solvents and produces no hazardous wastes—and is a popular choice for those in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, as well as many others.

    Other services offered by Kosmo include soda blasting, a very mild form of abrasive blasting that uses sodium bicarbonate, and wet blasting, which uses water and a very fine abrasive.

    Once our work is completed, we inspect critical dimensions and features to ensure that the parts continually meet your specifications.

    Local pickup and delivery to your facility included in the price.