5-Axis Offers Complex Machining, Cost and Time Savings

October 25, 2018

“Just took my boss and co-worker out to see them and there was a crowd of engineers looking at them. Very nice parts!”
“Not only did the components look great but they also fit together with no issues. Great job to you and your team.”

Mike Redden, Kosmo Machine’s Vice-President of Manufacturing, likes to receive emails like these, in this case from an aerospace client whose parts were completed on Kosmo’s 5-axis machine. “It was a very complex job—airframe components. Successful execution requires a culmination of having the proper equipment, software and most importantly, human talent,” says Redden. “It’s nice when final assembly proves out form, fit and function.”

The 5-axis Mazak 630-5X II T is one of the gems of the Richmond company’s multi-axis work centers. While traditional CNC milling machines operate on the X, Y and Z linear axes, the Mazak can also rotate on A and C axes—leading to endless design possibilities.

“Investing in complex machining can provide big advantages for our customers. While not every job requires true 5-axis construction, it’s perfect for jobs that require more complicated geometries, difficult tolerances, and tighter time constraints,” says Pat Smook, Vice-President of Sales.

Some of the machine’s benefits include:

Increased Complexity. Simultaneous 5-axis technology makes it possible to create highly complicated shapes—ideal for aerospace components and prismatic parts in nearly every material. The machine’s rigid, built-in tables can tilt up to 150° on the A-axis and rotate up to 360° on the C-axis. The machine also comes equipped with 120 tool magazines for milling and drilling operations, along with a turning capability that can create cylindrical parts up to 22” in diameter.

Outstanding Precision. The all-in-one process creates products with far superior dimensions to those achieved through more conventional means. Higher part accuracy is achieved because the workpiece does not have to move across multiple workstations. In addition, the machine continuously minimizes distortion by supplying chilled liquid directly to the 18,000 RPM spindle and precision ball screws.

Superior Product Finish. The machine’s rotational capabilities can bring parts closer to the cutting tools. This means shorter cutting tools can be used, at higher cutting speeds, but with fewer vibrations. The steadier motion allows for an exceptional surface finish and overall better part quality.

Simplified communication. Engineering model transfers are easily accommodated. Plans are imported directly from customers, usually in their native format–minimizing the risk for translation interruptions.

Improved Productivity. A 2-pallet changing system keeps the machine continually in operation, leading to faster production of parts. As Smook puts it, “The spindle is always in the work piece, making money.”

Speedier Delivery. A typical work order contains several different operations, with each one requiring individual queue times and setups. With the ability to machine four or five different operations at once, scheduling is simplified and required production time is greatly reduced.

Redden likes helping customers overcome challenges through machines like the Mazak 630-5X II T. “We enjoy building mutually beneficial relations with our customers by turning their ideas into reality.”

If you would like to see the Mazak create a complex workpiece, please watch our video.

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