New Services at Kosmo Machine

February 23, 2017

The Dry Ice Blasting program is now up and running at our Sandston facility.

This is leading edge technology in the part cleaning business. We now provide integrated on-going cleaning and inspection services 7 days per week. Advantages of the Dry Ice process include:

  • No water
  • No additional solvents
  • No part distortion
  • No negative health risks
  • Cleaning will not disrupt production
  • Less labor intensive
  • Grit entrapment is eliminated
  • Surfaces are free of residue
  • No Hazardous wastes are produced

We are pleased to announce our selection of Cold Jet, LLC. Their MicroClean line brings enhanced performance and extended operation to the revolutionary cleaning system. The shaved ice and feeder technologies deliver a complete precision cleaning. We can now clean small parts thoroughly, even the complex cavities and crevices that other methods cannot reach. It is hard to imagine, but we now clean delicate surfaces faster than traditional cleaning methods – without abrasion or disassembly. Call Kosmo Machine to discuss how this technology can work to improve your product quality and your bottom line.

This video provides a basic overview of this technology:

Environmental Cleaning & Surface Preparation from Cold Jet on Vimeo.