At Kosmo Machine, our job doesn’t end with manufacturing. We also offer a range of reconditioning services for worn, out of specification, or damaged parts, with fast turnaround. Our process offers several cleaning options, including some of the latest in green technologies. Once our work is complete, we inspect critical dimensions and features to ensure that the parts continually meet your specifications.

Dry Ice Blasting

Precision cleaning without abrasion is one of the benefits for dry ice blasting. This method uses pressurized dry ice—the solid form of carbon dioxide—to remove dirt, contaminants and other foreign object debris from industrial parts and equipment.

Dry ice blasting offers one of the most eco-friendly choices on the market, as it uses no water or solvents and produces no hazardous wastes. A dry process, it is safe to use on electrical and mechanical equipment. Dry ice blasting, which completely removes all residue from an item, holds special appeal for those in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.


Wet Blasting

Also known as slurry blasting, wet blasting provides a softer, but still thorough cleaning. The dust-free process combines water with a very fine abrasive to create a slurry, which is applied onto a surface using compressed air. The water provides lubrication and cushioning and, as a result, wet blasting is considered non-abrasive and perfect to use on delicate surfaces. However, it is not appropriate for use on electrical equipment.


Soda Blasting

A highly effective and cost-effective cleaning option is soda blasting. This very mild form of abrasive cleaning uses compressed air to apply soda bicarbonate—also known as baking soda—to an object. Soda blasting is well-known for its ability to clean and deodorize items with mold, fire, or smoke damage. The process may require a final ultrasonic cleaning to ensure the removal of any remaining grit; in those instances, it cannot be used on electrical equipment.


Complete Reconditioning

Complete weld overlay, remachining and testing are an option in certain cases. This process often saves customers considerable expense vs. buying new.

Once our work is completed, we inspect critical dimensions and features to ensure that the parts continually meet your specifications.

Local pickup and delivery to your facility included in the price.