Year after year, Kosmo has consistently met or exceeded our goal of 95% on-time delivery to our customers—something that comes with great commitment on the part of our entire staff. From the very beginning of an order, our project managers work with our salesmen and manufacturing managers to create a project timeline using Global Shop ERP software. The team plans the steps leading from design to manufacturing, including material requisitions and certifications, inspections, and certificates of compliance.

Once production begins, there are checkpoints along the way. Many of our projects involve complicated parts—some with 50-60 components—that require industrial x-rays, hydrostatic pressure checks and other testing at different phases of production. Our carefully controlled process ensures traceability of materials and parts at every stage.

Keeping everyone focused on the timeline is critical. For instance, monitors throughout the shop display the shipping schedules. The information is updated every five or ten minutes, similar to the displays that show arriving and departing flights at the airport.