Meet Jacob Weatherford

September 21, 2021

Kosmo Machine is pleased to announce that Jacob Weatherford has joined the Sales & Technical Support Team as a Client Representative.

“The machining and fabrication business is pretty much in my blood,” said Jacob when asked about his work history. “I’ve been in the business for over 10 years; starting with my father when he included me in an opportunity to start a sheet metal fabrication business from scratch. I was thrown into the fire from day one – going from knowing nothing, to knowing a little about a lot of different things, and then to gaining more specialized knowledge and being able to add real value to the business – and I loved every minute of it!”

Jacob’s primary focus is engagement with, and support of, current and potential new clients and ensuring that their needs are fully understood and that Kosmo continues to deliver high-quality work on time, every time. He interacts at all levels of client companies – engineering, procurement, research and development, and leadership – and is the primary point of contact for the majority of clients. His broad knowledge of the industry and his prior experience in high performance operations and developing and running skills training courses makes Jacob the ideal client advocate.

When asked how he keeps so many balls in the air and still be diligent supporting Kosmo and its clients, Jacob commented, “I have found individual success by staying focused on the task at hand and remaining vigilant so that I can recognize ways to do more with less, which provides cost savings to the company and to the customer. I have found that it’s crucial to always listen to the input others provide for chances to improve. Just because a process is doing just fine as is, does not mean that it cannot become even better. You can never stop learning new ways to do things.”

Established in 1976, Kosmo Machine Inc. has operated as a Virginia-based business devoted to quality production and superior customer service. Now an employee owned ESOP, their full-service precision machine shop specializes in CNC milling and turning, EDM machining, custom welding processes and critical component reconditioning.

Mike Redden, Kosmo Machine’s President has helped build a company where dedication to quality and excellence aligns directly with a focus on staff and career development. When asked for his thoughts on Jacob’s hiring, Mike said, “We liked Jacob when we first met him. His obvious drive and enthusiasm are infectious and it is clear that he enjoys expanding his skill set and moving out of his comfort zone. When we heard about his commitment to quality and client satisfaction, coupled with his extensive experience in the machining and fabrication industry it was an easy decision. He has more than exceeded expectations and is already delivering great value to our clients.”

A parting observation from Jacob when asked what attracted him to Kosmo in the first place:

After meeting with the team and taking a tour of the facility I truly felt like this was a great opportunity to contribute to Kosmo’s success and our clients’ satisfaction as well as developing my own skills and career. Plus I felt confident that I would have the tools and resources needed to achieve those goals. Quality is a key driver at Kosmo and is always a must! The layout and cleanliness on the shop floor makes it easier to guarantee the quality of our parts as well as providing the “shock and awe” factor when customers tour the facility.”

Located near the Richmond International Airport, Kosmo’s  62,000-square-foot, climate-controlled facility in Sandston, Virginia, can handle the entire lifecycle of just about any precision machining, engineered welding, or critical component reconditioning project—from initial concept to large-scale production runs.

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